If you live in Palm City, Jensen Beach, Hobe Sound, Indiantown, and Stuart, read this to help develop your emergency plan

You can reduce the stress of an AC emergency by having a plan in place so you know exactly what to do when it strikes! You don’t want to be stuck wondering what to do when the Florida heat is creeping to dangerous levels and your AC just isn’t working like it should..

Without acting quickly, this can turn into a dangerous situation, especially if you have seniors, children or pets at your house.

Amtek Air Conditioning Inc. has an emergency line that is available to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So when an air conditioning crisis hits, call us. We can start to set a plan in place immediately.

Your first step to having a solid plan in case of an AC emergency is to put Amtek’s emergency number somewhere handy. Having a company you can trust to be thorough and honest is vital during a stressful situation like an AC emergency.

What is an AC Emergency?
Florida is famous for its heat and humidity. And while we love the tropical setting, it is important to be able to seek refuge in our air cooled homes when the heat gets too bad. But if your AC isn’t cooling down your house, it can put you at risk of overheating.

Of course you want to check to make sure the power source to your AC hasn’t gone out. But then you want to check the following:

❏ Strange Noises
This can be caused by a number of reasons, including loose parts. But it could also be the compressor or a refrigerant leak.
❏ Strange Smells
Your AC unit should never give off an odor. If it smells like it is burning, a part may be overheating.
❏ No Air Flow
There are multiple issues that could be at the root of this issue.

With so many variables at play, you want to let an emergency AC repair expert take a look to prevent any damage from getting worse, which can create a dangerous situation. So if you check any of the boxes above, turn off power to your unit and call Amteks emergency line.

You Need Professional AC Specialists: Request Immediate Service

The Best Emergency Prevention
While you cannot prevent every AC emergency there is a lot you can do to minimize surprises by keeping your AC well maintained. Good maintenance can add years to the life of your unit, and prevent breakdowns.

Here are a few things you can do to keep your AC in good shape:
Replace the Air Filters
You want to pay attention to the manufacturers recommendation to replace the filters on your AC. This helps keep debris from getting inside your system.
Clear Space Around Your Unit
Keep the airflow circulating efficiently by keeping the area around your AC unit free of vegetation or clutter.
Rely on Amtek
Schedule regular maintenance checks with Amtek. Not only can we stop issues before they become problems, but we will keep your system running efficiently.

Ways to Keep Cool Until We Get There

While you are waiting for your emergency AC repair there are things you can do to help prevent overheating.
Block any sun
Pull blinds, curtains, and drapes to prevent the sun’s rays from heating up the air in your home. Use poster boards or paper to block windows if needed.
Fans create a wind-chill effect
Ceiling fans should run counter-clockwise. Any portable or box fans should be placed around the house to create air flow. Place bowls of ice in front of your fans for additional cooling.

Keep appliances off
Using appliances will heat the air, so avoid using appliances if possible.
Drink water
Hydration prevents overheating, so make sure everyone in the home keeps drinking.

Any members of the household that have a hard time with heat should be brought somewhere with air… a friend’s house, the mall, the movies, etc. until Amtek can diagnose and fix the issue.

Make Amtek a Part of Your Emergency Plan

When you need emergency AC repair you want a company you can trust to quickly diagnose and fix the issue. And with the stress of the AC repair cost you want to be sure you work with a company that won’t sell you more than you need.

You can trust Amtek Air Conditioning Inc. With 20 years in this industry, and a great reputation, we stand behind our expert services.

When you have an AC emergency in Palm City, Jensen Beach, Hobe Sound, Indiantown, and Stuart, calling our 24 hour emergency service should be at the top of your to do list!

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