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Fixing AC units and AC home repair in Parkland, Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Davie

One thing is certain here in Florida: you need your AC unit to work reliably.  If it stops working efficiently, not only will it be frustrating, it is a sign that something is wrong and you need AC repairing. The sooner you have it repaired, the better the chances that you can avoid a complete breakdown.

The best way to avoid a decline in your AC units performances is by staying on top of regular air conditioner repair service.

However, our AC units here in Florida have to go up against severe weather, and more wear and tear since our units are used more than the national average. So even with the best maintenance, this can put a strain on our cooling systems.

So when you think your unit needs AC repair Parkland and service, you don’t want to wait. Putting off repair may wear your system down more, and your only option will be AC replacement.

That is when you call Amtek Air Conditioning Inc. Our experts of AC repair Pompano Beach will perform a full evaluation so we can tell you exactly what your AC unit needs to keep you cool once again.

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Recognize the Signs for AC Repairing

Living in Parkland, Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Davie, it is vital to know the signs that your AC unit needs repair. These are often overlooked by the average homeowner. But once you recognize these signs you can get help for AC repairing sooner, which could save you money.

Signs are:

Your unit isn’t cooling as it once did. This is a sign that your unit is not working as efficiently as it could and needs air conditioner repair service.

Any new noises. Any new sounds mean there is something not working as it once did in your unit. So even if the air is still cool, you want to make sure to keep it that way by figuring out what is wrong.

Your home has more humidity. A working AC unit will decrease humidity. So if your house seems more humid, your unit is likely not working as efficiently and requires AC repair Deerfield Beach.

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Strange odors. Your AC unit should never give off unusual odors. If you detect one, turn off your unit and call for an inspection.

Leaks are not normal. Some people assume that a leak is common for an AC unit, but  it is an indicator of a malfunction.


These are the signs that you need to call Amtek for AC repair. With our full evaluation we can repair your AC unit before it stops. Proper AC repair Fort Lauderdale will not only keep your unit cooling, it will make sure your unit is working as efficiently as possible, which will save you money on your electric bills.

How To Know When It’s Time for an AC Replacement?

While a replacement may be a cheaper quick fix, there are times our professionals will recommend an AC replacement because it will be better for the long term. And there will also be circumstances when an AC replacement is your only option.

Amtek’s AC repair Davie service will help you determine what will be your best choice. Our full inspection ensures that we are catching all of the issues that are hampering your AC unit’s performance.

That is when we will discuss with you whether your job is an easy AC fix, or that perhaps you are better off upgrading to a new, more efficient unit.

We will arm you with the facts so you know your options, and the benefits of each choice.

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Amtek Will Have Your Home Cool Again in NO TIME!

When you find yourself asking: Should my AC be doing that? Don’t leave it to chance. Call Amtek Air Conditioning Inc. today for AC home repair so we can help you figure out the right course of action.

We can help you with financing too, so you can get the services you need, when you need them.

We are the AC repair and installation experts with 20 years of experience in this industry. We want to put our expertise to work for you.

Our reputation for customer service speaks for itself! We are proud to have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

So call us when you have questions about your AC unit’s performance and air conditioning repair  in Parkland, Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Davie.

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