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When you live on the Atlantic Coast of Florida, the right air conditioner is an essential! While a quality AC unit can last for years, the temperamental weather seen here in Indian River County can cause damage, on top of the wear of everyday use. If you suspect your AC unit has any internal or external damage, it may be time to consider a new unit.

Even with regular maintenance, an older AC can stop working as efficiently. So how do you know whether it is time to replace rather than repair? You call an air conditioning installation company with a good reputation to give you an honest opinion!

At Amtek Air Conditioning Inc. AC installation and maintenance is our specialty. So you can trust our crews to make the best recommendation for your situation. And when we recommend a new AC install, we aren’t just selling you a system, we sell a package to make sure your AC unit keeps working, even in this Florida heat, for years to come.

Does Your Indian River Property Need a New AC?

Most importantly, if you have an older unit that has needed multiple repairs, or if your unit still uses HCFC-22 refrigerant, it is time to invest in a new ac unit installation. Here is a full list of symptoms to consider:

Constant repairs: Although minor repairs may be better economically than buying a new unit, if you find your unit needs repairs constantly, it will likely be a better value to purchase a new unit. So be sure to keep track of all the AC repair work that is being done on your property.

Insufficient cooling: An inefficient AC unit will cost you money. So if your AC unit is running, but the air isn’t cooling down, it may be time to consider a new ac install.

Older unit: AC technology keeps evolving. So older units do not run as efficiently as the newer models, even with regular maintenance. New units are built to last longer and are more environmentally friendly. Another benefit of new units? They usually run quieter.

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Still uses HCFC-22: HCFC-22 is being phased out. New units use R410A refrigerant, which reaches lower temperatures more efficiently.

Musty or moldy odor: The humidity experienced in Indian River County doesn’t just make us uncomfortable. Sometimes it can cause the inside of your AC to rot. This will create a bad odor that indicates the need for an AC replacement.

High energy bills:Newer models are more energy efficient. So if your energy bills are high, despite regular maintenance on your AC unit, new air conditioner installation may save you money in the long run!

If you notice one or more of these signs, give Amtek Air Conditioning Inc. a call to review your options. We will go above and beyond to make sure we recommend the best options for your needs.

Enjoy the benefits of a New AC in the Florida heat!

New AC units last longer than their predecessors. Some of the new units have an average lifespan of 15 years without as much maintenance.

A new AC install also leads to lower costs. The efficiency of the new units leads to lower electric bills AND a smaller carbon footprint.

There are also more choices than ever before. You can choose between a larger variety of sizes and colors to blend better with your property.

Your new AC’s warranty will also save you money on maintenance and repairs. So enjoy your cool, clean air and leave the maintenance to us!


Air Conditioning Installation Services in Indian River County

Amtek Air Conditioning Inc. stands behind our air conditioner installation service. Our professional crews have the right training and experience to set up complex or simple cooling systems for your home or business, whether you need ac installation contractor in Vero Beach, Sebastian or Fellsmere we serve whole Indian river County

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Have us out for a full evaluation and we will recommend the best solution for you.  We also understand that the need for a new AC unit may be a sudden expense that you weren’t prepared for. We offer financing options to help lessen that blow.

If you live in Vero Beach, Sebastian, and Fellsmere  and need a new AC or ac unit installation, call Amtek Air Conditioning Inc. today.


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