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When you live in Florida, you rely on your AC unit to keep you comfortable.

So who can you rely on when your AC unit isn’t doing its job the way it should? When the Florida heat is at its worst, you don’t want to spend time shopping around for the best AC service? You want a solution now!

Call Amtek Air Conditioning Inc. for a full evaluation & incredible AC service by our air condition technician. And if you need an AC replacement by our AC mechanic, we offer a wide range of options to fit every need.

A new AC unit is an investment, and you can rely on our AC specialists. You can feel confident knowing that you made choice that you will benefit from for years to come by choosing our best air condition technician.

You can trust our commitment to customer service!  We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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To buy a new AC, or to Repair?

Sometimes a repair is the easier, more cost efficient solution. But when you find yourself calling your air condition technician to repair your AC unit constantly, it is time to save time and money by upgrading! Here are some other indicators by our AC specialist that your AC needs to be replaced:

  • Insufficient cooling: You will be able to feel this! Not only will your house seem warmer and more humid, but your electric bill will go up too.
  • Older unit: Newer models are more efficient in general. Some older units still use the refrigerant HCFC-22, which is no longer being used. R410A, a more efficient refrigerant, is the new standard. An upgrade will save money, and be better for the environment.
  • Musty or moldy odor: When the inside of your AC unit begins to rot, your nose will notice! Maintenance will not solve this problem.

These are all indications that you need to start researching new units. But where to even start? The choices are overwhelming! Let Amtek’s AC technician help. After a full inspection our AC specialist can confirm whether or not you need a new unit, and make sure that we introduce the brands and units that will work for your individual needs.

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Relax with a New AC Unit

There are so many benefits to investing in a new AC unit.

The new technology in AC units will last an average of 15 years. So you can relax as your cooling system keeps you comfortable. And there is less maintenance too! As if that weren’t enough, your unit will run quieter as well. Easy and peaceful!

As we mentioned before, new units are more efficient. So your electric bills will be lower, as will your carbon footprint.

And if something does happen to your new AC unit, your warranty will come to the rescue! It can cover hundreds of dollars in repairs! Our AC mechanic will ensure you a quick & smooth AC unit installation.

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We are the AC Specialists, Best AC Mechanic Team!

Amtek Air Conditioning Inc. is the only call you need to make if you need AC repair, replacement or maintenance by our expert AC mechanic team. We will never sell you more than you need! We stand behind our service because we don’t want to just sell you an AC unit. We want to supply all of your AC service needs by our AC technician for years to come.

We are so dedicated to making sure you get the AC you need, we offer a number of financing options. With flexible payments available, we will find the plan that works for you.

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So all you need to do is call Amtek, and then sit back and enjoy your stress-free cooling.

So if you are wondering whether it is time to replace your AC unit, call us so we can go over all of your options. We offer our AC expertise & exceptional service by our AC technician in Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Tequesta, and Royal Palm Beach.


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