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Are you thinking about installing a new AC unit on your Broward County property? It is so important to have a reliable cooling system with the heat and humidity we have in Florida. So when it comes time for a new AC unit installation, you want to be sure to choose a unit, and an air conditioning installation service from the best air conditioning installation company, that you can count on.

With 20 years of experience in the HVAC industry, Amtek Air Conditioning Inc. has the experience and knowledge to help you with AC install. And with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, you can feel confident that we are committed to customer service.

So whether you are wondering if it is time to replace your old AC unit or you have already decided it is time for a new install, call us for a free evaluation by our AC install contractor.

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Watch For These Signs for New Air Conditioner Installation

If you are still wondering whether it is time for a new AC install or not, consider your current unit. Is it older than 10 years old? A new AC unit will be more efficient and you will see that on your electric bills. But beyond that, how do you know you can’t get just one more year out of your cooling system?

Constant Repairs: Some repairs are easy fixes. But they also add up. So if they are happening constantly, it may be taking more time and money than it is worth.

Insufficient Cooling: If it feels like your air isn’t staying as cool as it has in the past, it’s a sign that your AC unit is not working efficiently.

Your Unit Uses HCFC-22: This type of refrigerant is no longer used in new AC units. R410A is now being used and it is more efficient when it comes to keeping temperatures low.

You have Musty or Moldy Odors: Beware these odors! It is an indication that the inside of your unit is rotting and you need a new air conditioner installation.

High Energy Bills: You can see from some of the above signs, an AC in need of replacement will cost you money on your electric bill.

Let your Amtek AC specialist know about any signs you have noticed. This will help them target specific areas during their full evaluation. Once this inspection is complete they can go over what makes more sense: an AC repair or a new AC unit installation.

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Cool Off With a New AC Install

Home is where you go to recharge. And if your air is spotty, or your electricity bills are rising, your home may cause you stress instead.

We have covered that new air conditioner installation is more efficient. But they also require less maintenance to stay energy efficient than older units. You can expect your new AC unit to last about 15 years. That means you are reducing your carbon footprint for years to come.

New AC units make less noise, enhancing the peacefulness you want at your home.

One of the biggest, but most often overlooked, benefits of a new AC system with Amtek Air Conditioning Installation Company is our warranty. Your warranty keeps your AC unit cool all year!

Our services include:

  • Parkland AC unit installation
  • Pompano Beach air conditioner installation
  • Deerfield Beach AC unit installation
  • Fort Lauderdale air conditioner installation
  • Davie AC unit installation

Ask About Our Financing Programs

Ask your Amtek expert AC install contractor how our flexible finance options can help you get the AC unit you need while not breaking your budget.

We are also members of the PACE (property assessed clean energy) program. While this needs to be approved by your municipality, it helps property owners finance the costs when making energy efficient improvements to their properties.

Ask us, the best air conditioning installation company for more info related to air conditioner installation.

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Amtek Air Conditioning Installation Company is Your AC Install Service Provider

A new AC install is a big investment, but when that investment is done right, you will reap the benefits for years to come.

Let our AC install contractor go to work for you! After we inspect your cooling system and discuss your priorities we will find the right AC for you for AC unit installation.

In the years to come we want to be your go to for AC repairs, maintenance and installation.

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