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    With Emergency Electricians to help you in Parkland, Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Davie

    What do you do when you see smoke coming out of your outlets or light switches?

    Do you panic? That is an understandable response. It is hard to think straight when you find yourself in the midst of a crisis. So it is always a good idea to have a plan.

    Part of that plan should be access to an emergency electrician in Broward Country. If your electrical system is heating up or making strange sounds, you need someone there sooner rather than later.

    AMTEK Air Conditioning Inc. has an emergency line available for calls 24 hours a day. 7 days a week for emergency electrical services in Broward Country. So we are there when you need us most.

    When our emergency electrician in Parkland comes out, they will do everything they can to make sure your home stays safe.

    With 20 years of experience in emergency electrical services in Parkland along with our commitment to customer service, AMTEK is the electrical company you want in your corner when the unexpected happens

    Signs You Need to Call Our Emergency Line

    Here are some of the times you should contact AMTEK via the emergency line for, emergency electrical services in Pompano Beach, or emergency electrical services in Davie whichever is closer to you.

    You Smell Something Burning

    Do you smell smoke? If it smells metal or like plastic burning your wires could be overheating! If it is safe to do so, turn off the power and call an, emergency electrician in Deerfield Beach, or emergency electrician in Davie.

    Your Breaker Box is Making A Loud Noise

    While a slight buzz indicates normal electrical currents, if it sounds like sizzling noises, you likely have a loose wire that needs to be fixed by a certified electrician.

    If the box is making a louder buzzing sound you need to be aware that this is an indication of something more serious. Breakers are designed to trip if there is an issue detected. When a bad circuit can’t trip, the buzzing will become louder. This can indicate major issues. You need to call the AMTEK emergency line immediately for emergency electrical services in Deerfield

    A Blackout

    Check the homes and businesses around you. If your whole neighborhood is out, you will need to contact your electric company. If the issue is isolated to your home, there is definitely something amiss. An AMTEK emergency electrician in Fort Lauderdale and other regions can do a full evaluation to determine the issue and offer

    Electrical Fire

    In this case you need to call the fire department first! Do not attempt to put out the fire using water. Since water conducts energy, this will only make the fire spread faster.

    Get your family to safety quickly. Once the fire is out, call AMTEK for emergency electrical services in Fort Lauderdale or other areas so we can come out and help you determine a plan to get your electrical system repaired and working safely again.

    AMTEK is Here For You in BROWARD COUNTY

    Our 24/7 emergency line is here to help offer you emergency electrician in Pompano Beach or several other areas when life catches you by surprise. When you call it you start a plan into motion that will get your electric system working safely.

    And in an already stressful time, AMTEK strives to make this situation as stress free as possible. That includes financing options so you do not have to scramble for an unexpected payment. We will help you finance up to 5 years, or 60 months, with no interest.

    With our 20 years of experience in this field, we have the knowledge to get to the root of the electrical issue you are experiencing. And with our commitment to customer service, you can count on friendly and reliable service, no matter what time of day (or night!).

    So when you have an electrical emergency, the best decision you can make is to call AMTEK’s emergency line for emergency electrical services in Broward County.


    We have emergency electricians in Parkland, Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Davie


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