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    Generator Installation and Repair Available in Palm City, Jensen Beach, Hobe Sound, Indiantown, and Stuart

    Everyone dreads power outages. Work productivity goes down. Food can go bad. And medical equipment that needs power can’t work. From the annoying to the dangerous, there is a way to prevent having to deal with this stress.

    The solution that will keep life running as usual is a home generator installed by AMTEK Air Conditioning Inc. Let us come out and evaluate your home for an install before you are caught in the dark.

    And if you have an existing generator, AMTEK can perform generator repair and maintenance to make sure your generator is in good shape the next time you experience a black out.

    The Advantages of Having a Generator

    The only disadvantage to a generator install is that you will be upset you didn’t install one sooner. The ease of use of the modern generator means life does not stop when the power does.

    Uninterrupted Power

    Will you even notice that the power went off? Your generator will turn on automatically making it barely noticeable!

    Prevent Financial loss

    Connectivity is still available. So if you have to work or stay in touch with your job, your generator can make that happen. And that food in the refrigerator won’t spoil due to heat, saving you money in groceries.

    Stay Comfortable

    From the TV, to fans, you can pick what you need to stay comfortable.

    Preparing For Your Generator Install

    Once you have decided to get a new generator installed by AMTEK, there are a few options to consider. Of course your AMTEK specialist will make recommendations based on their knowledge and your needs and preferences.
    A few things to consider:

    Generator Capacity

    Capacity refers to the amount of electricity a generator creates. So the larger the capacity, the more devices or appliances can be powered.

    The higher the capacity, the more expensive a generator is to run. So you want to consider use and cost when determining the size capacity you need.

    Type of Fuel

    Generators use different types of fuel. Natural gas will burn clean. LP (or propane) gas burns clean, and it is safe to store. But diesel gets the best efficiency. Decide what your fue needs are and discuss them with your AMTEK expert.

    AMTEK offers Generic and Honeywell backup generators. Once we evaluate your property and talk to you about your preferences, AMTEK can help guide you to the perfect generator for you.


    Sign Your Generator Repair

    AMTEK can repair any major brand of generator. But how do you know when your generator is in need of repair? Here are some major clues:


    Most modern generators will alert you if malfunctions are detected. Check your owner’s manual for more specifics. If your generator does not have this feature, you can perform manual tests, or contact our home generator services for guidance.

    Startup Delays

    Anytime you feel that your generator sounds different when you start it up, you should have it checked out. It may even sound like it is starting up more slowly.

    Signs Of Wear and Tear

    Damage on the outside could indicate that repairs are needed internally. Loose wires and broken knobs need to be checked by an electrician too.


    Leaks indicate that your generator isn’t running as efficiently as it should. WHile more common in older generators, it is never something that should go unchecked.

    Weak Battery

    Make it a practice to regularly check the voltage of your battery. This is especially true if your generator hasn’t been used in a whole. Batteries should be replaced every three years, or whenever you see corrosion near the batteries cables.

    Reduce Stress With A Generator!

    Don’t wait to be left in the dark again. Call AMTEK to schedule your generator install or repair today.

    And if you need financing, we can help. You can finance for up to 5 years or 60 months with no interest.

    Call us today, and we know you will join the ranks of our many happy customers! Let us set you up with a home generator repair or install in Palm City, Jensen Beach, Hobe Sound, Indiantown, and Stuart.

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