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    AMTEK commercial contractors are available for buildings in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Wellington, and Lake Worth

    When the electricity fails at your commercial building, you lose money for every hour your electrical system is down. So you need to be able find a commercial electrician in Lakeworth or nearby areas that is both efficient and reliable.

    Calling the right company for help won’t only help to get everyone online and working again, it keeps people safe!

    So call a company you can rely on for quality service and upfront pricing. Here in South Palm Beach County, that company is Amtek Air Conditioning Inc.who can offer commercial electrician in Boca Raton and other areas.

    As soon as you place that call to us, we will send out a licensed commercial electrician in South Pam Beach for a full evaluation to determine what is going on. Then they will discuss your options along with the cost.

    They can also suggest upgrades that can improve safety and efficiency, saving you money and headaches down the road.

    So call AMTEK today for all of your commercial electric needs in South Palm Beach or to even hire commercial electrician Delray Beach.

    A Multitude of Services

    Whether your building needs electrical repair, maintenance or whole system upgrades, AMTEK is on the job to offer commercial electrician Wellington and many other places.

    Our electricians are up to date with the latest technologies to streamline your commercial electric work in Lake Worth.

    If you need to configure new offices, we can reroute the electrical wire, and install new outlets and switches.

    We will come out for maintenance. When done regularly, maintenance is your best defense against having to deal with electrical issues that can put your building at risk.

    In addition to making sure your electrical work is done right, we will make sure your building meets all current electrical codes. And for big jobs we will make sure all appropriate permits are pulled.

    An Ounce of Prevention

    It is advised to schedule regular electrical maintenance at least once a year. This includes having a certified electrician check out your transformers, circuit breakers, panelboards, control panels and more.

    AMTEK will make sure all indicators are working correctly and look for any damaged wiring that needs to be replaced by our commercial electrical contractor Wellington or other regions nearby.

    Electrical maintenance is the single easiest way to keep your building up and running, and more importantly, safe!


    The AMTEK Extras

    When you choose AMTEK as your commercial electrical contractor in South Palm Beach you will benefit from many of our AMTEK extras like:

    Warranties on our Work

    You will get a 1 year warranty on all repairs and a 60 day warranty on all maintenance. So if anything goes wrong, we have you covered.

    Emergency Line

    No matter the time or day, our emergency line is available to take your call. So don’t wait to report an electrical emergency. Get the ball rolling to get your building up and running again right away.

    Financing Available

    We offer financing for any commercial electric work in Boca Raton and other locations work you need done. That includes interest free financing for up to 5 years, or 60 months. Talk to your AMTEK specialist to get more info about a finance plan that works for your budget.

    AMTEK Aims for Customer Satisfaction

    When you choose AMTEK to service your commercial electric needs in Delray Beach and other locations, you will not only benefit from our 20 years of experience in this industry, but from our commitment to customer service too.

    Part of that commitment means no hidden fees. Our upfront pricing means you will never be surprised with added costs after the job is done.

    But we want you to be so happy with your experience, that you know you will call us for all of your electrical needs as we have expert commercial electrical contractor Delray Beach and other locations.

    While we stand by our work, so do our customers. Their satisfaction has earned AMTEK an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. And we have a 5-star rating from our customers too.

    So when your commercial building needs a commercial electrical contractor in Boca Raton, and commercial electrical contractor Lake Worth call AMTEK.


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