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    We have emergency electricians ready to help in Palm City, Jensen Beach, Hobe Sound, Indiantown, and Stuart

    Who do you call if your breaker box is making strange noises?

    In a pinch you may be tempted to try to evaluate the issue yourself. But do you know how to check and make sure the entire system is working safely?

    Luckily the best electrical services in Martin County, AMTEK Air Conditioning Inc. has an emergency line available to take your phone calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency electrical services in Martin County. So if you suspect an electrical emergency, we will not waste any time getting to the bottom of it.

    Our emergency electricians in Martin County will come out and do a full evaluation. And we offer up front pricing, so you never have to worry about mystery charges showing up on your bill.

    You can trust AMTEK in an emergency. Our emergency electricians in Palm City and emergency electricians in Jensen Beach and other locations are not only skilled and reliable, but they are committed to customer service. AMTRAK is proud to have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and expert emergency electrical services in Palm City and nearby areas.

    So in an emergency, AMTEK is the name you should trust. Call us night or day for emergency electrical services in Jensen Beach and for emergency electrical services in Hobe Sound and other regions nearby.

    Signs You Need to Call Our Emergency Line

    Here are some of the times you should contact AMTEK via the emergency line for emergency electrical services in Indiantown and for emergency electrical services in Stuart and other locations.


    You Smell Something Burning

    What is that smell? Is that smoke?

    If you smell metal or plastic burning, your wires are likely overheating. Turn off the power – only if it is safe to do so – and do not delay in calling our emergency for electrical services in Palm City, and electrical services in Hobe Sound.


    Your Breaker Box is Making A Loud Noise

    When working normally, your breaker box will make a slight buzz. This indicates normal electrical currents, However, if you hear a sizzling sound, you likely have a loose wire that needs to be fixed by a certified electrician.

    And if that normal buzzing suddenly gets louder, it indicates an issue that needs to be addressed. Breakers are designed to trip if there is an issue.When a bad circuit can’t trip, the buzzing will increase in volume. You need to call the AMTEK emergency line immediately.

    A Blackout

    You first need to figure out if the issue is with your utility company. Check the surrounding area to see if anyone else has lost power. If there are additional homes without power, you need to contact your electric company.

    However, if it seems to be isolated to your property, contact a professional emergency electrician in Hobe Sound or emergency electrician in Indiantown or other areas nearby to find out what is causing this issue.

    Electrical Fire

    If you notice smoke or browning on your outlets, you likely have an electrical fire. Turn off your power, only if it is safe. Do not use water on an electrical fire. It will only help the fire spread.

    Get your family out of the house and call the fire department. Once the fire is controlled, call AMTEK for electrical services in Jensen Beach or any other location, so we can come out to evaluate the damage and discuss repairs.

    As we work on your repairs, we can also suggest upgrades and maintenance that will help to prevent future electrical emergencies. Let us offer your our electrical services in Indiantown and other areas.

    You Can Trust AMTEK in an Emergency

    So if you find yourself in the middle of an electrical emergency, remember, you are not alone. AMTEK is there for you to provide you the best emergency electrician in Stuart and other nearby areas.

    From the beginning to end, we will strive to make the situation as easy as possible. From doing a complete evaluation, to helping you to secure financing to help you make the necessary repairs, you won’t be sorry that you called AMTEK.

    We also pledge to offer upfront pricing, so you do not have to worry about costs being added on without you knowing exactly what they are for.

    So for friendly, reliable service that you can count on during an emergency, call AMTEK for electrical services in Stuart and various other localities.

    We will be by your side during an emergency in Palm City, Jensen Beach, Hobe Sound, Indiantown, and Stuart.

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