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If you have commercial properties in Florida, making sure your HVAC system is working to cool your building efficiently is vital.

You don’t just want it to work, you want it to work efficiently, so you aren’t spending more money than you need to on your utility bills.

You need to have an AC contractor you can trust to keep everything working smoothly, and to be there when something inevitably malfunctions. With so many options here in North Palm Beach County, how do you know which commercial AC repair will give you the best commercial air conditioning repair service at a fair price?

Trust the experience of Amtek Air Conditioning Inc. commercial AC repair. With over 20 years in this industry and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, AMTEK AC contractor stand behind our name and will be committed to you.

Our staff stays on top of the evolving technology in the HVAC industry, which means our AC contractor can always have the best suggestions to help your individual property’s needs. We aim to provide you smooth commercial AC repair service.

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Commercial HVAC Repair in North Palm Beach County

When your HVAC is not working the way it should, you need to be able to count on your AC contractor to provide you commercial HVAC repair service to tell you exactly what is happening.

Amtek will come out and do a thorough check of your system while the commercial HVAC repair process. From there we determine what needs to be repaired. We may even recommend other commercial AC repairs or maintenance to make sure your HVAC system is working at its most efficient, and heading off potential issues that may pop up down
the road.

Save Yourself Time and Let Amtek Handle your AC Maintenance
Along With Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

Is it time to do regular maintenance on your AC system? You’re not sure? Well, don’t worry, you don’t have to keep track when Amtek handles your HVAC maintenance.

When Amtek is your AC contractor, we can set up maintenance every 6 months. This means less for you to worry about. Regular maintenance not only keeps your unit working longer and more efficiently, but by having Amtek out to handle your maintenance needs, it allows us to check your AC system out to make sure there aren’t any potential issues that need to be addressed before they create problems! It cuts off the need of frequent commercial air conditioning repair.

So take the stress out of maintenance by letting Amtek handle it all.

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Replacing Your Commercial AC Unit

When it comes time to replace your AC unit on your commercial properties, you need to look at it as a long-term investment. With new technology developing all of the time in the HVAC industry, you need someone to guide you with all of the new options.

And if you wondering if it is time to replace instead of seeking a commercial AC repair, you want to ask yourself:

Are there strange smells coming from your system?

Is your unit running more, but cooling less?

Are there new noises coming out of your unit?

Can you see any damage to your unit?

Even with the best of maintenance, there will come a time when your unit can’t keep up and you would need commercial air conditioning repair. With the efficiency of the latest AC units you may even find this is an investment that will save you money when looking at long term costs, saving you from frequent commercial HVAC repair.


Call us to help you determine whether it is better to repair or replace. And if a replacement is on the horizon, let us help guide you through all of the new options now available in a new HVAC unit.

Let us share our expertise so you can feel confident about your investment in a new AC unit for your property.


Emergency Service by Our AC Contractors That Are 24/7

Emergencies happen, and you need to have a plan in place when they do. We offer an emergency line that answers your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

So you can talk to a representative that can guide you through the steps to take when an AC emergency takes place.


Financing Options

We have flexible payment plans available for all of your AC needs.

We also participate in the property assessed clean energy (PACE) program which helps property owners finance energy-efficient systems.

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