Taking Care of the HVAC Needs in Fort Pierce and Port St. Lucie With our Commercial AC Repair

If you have or maintain commercial properties in Saint Lucie County, one of your top priorities is making sure to keep the building’s cooling system working efficiently.

Working AC is a necessity on Florida properties. So who can you trust to have your commercial air conditioning repair?

Amtek Air Conditioning Inc. can help you with all of your commercial HVAC repairs. As your AC contractors we will conduct a full inspection of your AC units to make sure commercial air conditioning repair gets done efficiently and, more importantly, correctly.

We know there are many AC contractor choices around Fort Pierce and Port St. Lucie areas. So we urge you to check out the customer testimonials and Better Business Bureau rating of all of the AC contractors you are considering. We are proud to have an A+ rating with the BBB!

Amtek technicians stay up to date on the ever changing technology in the HVAC industry & offer high-end commercial AC repair service. This helps us to offer you the best suggestions and solutions for your commercial building needs, providing you a reliable AC contractor.

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The Experts in Commercial HVAC Repair in St. Lucie County

When your AC unit isn’t working, we know production in your buildings go down. Or even worse, can even put people at risk of health issues.

You need to make sure your air conditioner contractors thoroughly inspect your unit, or it puts you at risk for multiple repairs and just as many headaches! Amtek AC contractors checks the unit inside and out & offer a smooth commercial HVAC repair. Not only does that allow us to pinpoint the cause of your AC troubles, we can also make
recommendations for maintenance that will help your system work more efficiently after our commercial AC repair service in Port St. Lucie & Fort Pierce.

Amtek’s AC Contractor Experts, Helping Keep Your Building Cool

Our maintenance expertise can prevent issues before they even happen. Let Amtek’s air conditioner contractors save you stress and time with an expert maintenance. By scheduling your routine maintenance with Amtek AC contractor every 6 months, you can sit back and let us do all of the work. Let us keep your unit running efficiently and we will alert you if we catch an issue that can cause more trouble down the road while our commercial AC repair process.

We have all heard that regular maintenance can extend the life of your AC unit. And you can trust your Amtek air conditioner contractors to be your go-to for all of your maintenance needs.

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Commercial Air Conditioning Repair & AC Replacements with Amtek

There will come a time when you will need to think about replacing your AC unit instead of commercial air conditioning repair. Maybe it was damaged in one of our severe Florida storms. Or perhaps it is an older unit that is in constant need of repair. Or maybe a newer, more efficient, unit will actually save you money.

If you have experienced strange smells or sounds coming out of your AC unit, it is time to call us. If your unit keeps running, but doesn’t seem to be keeping your building as cool as it used to, your system may be worn down. Or if your unit is over 10 years, we may be able to install a more efficient system that will save you money in the long run.

Even with regular maintenance, there will come a time where it is cheaper, and possibly even safer, to replace your Commercial AC unit.

When you call us out for a full evaluation, we can go over the pros and con between repair and replacement. We can sort out the long term and short term benefits of each, so you have all of the facts so you can make your decision fully informed.

Emergency Service You Can Depend On

If your AC goes out in this Florida heat, you can count on us. We are available 24/7 on our emergency line to help you put a plan in place for repair.

So if your AC is in need of emergency repair, we are here for you.

Financing Available

We know that the best HVAC system for your building can be pricey. Let our local AC contractor in Fort Pierce & Port St. Lucie work with you to find the best financing options to fit your budget. We offer a variety of options with flexible payments.

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We want to serve your commercial HVAC repair, replacement and maintenance service to help you keep your commercial properties cool.

Call us today to service your properties. Air conditioner contractors are available now in Fort Pierce and Port St. Lucie.


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