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    Backing up power in in Vero Beach, Sebastian, and Fellsmere

    When the power goes down, it sometimes seems like the world has stopped spinning. No electronics, no way to connect to the world, no lights, and no A/C.

    And it can cost you money! There could be food waste if your refrigerator has no power, and work often comes to halt with no way to connect to the office, or even lights to write with.

    Most concerning is the fact that it could be dangerous. If your power goes out on one of those famously hot Florida days, and your A/C can’t work, the heat could cause health issues.

    Call AMTEK Air Conditioning Inc. today to avoid any sudden stops in your life that a power outage can bring. We are the area’s top generator installation company in Indian River County. Let us set you up with a Backup Generator that will keep the power flowing and your world spinning.

    Back Up Your Power with a Backup Generator

    After your home generator installation in Indian River County, fearing a power outage will become a thing of the past. Because now when you lose electricity, your backup generator will switch on automatically.

    So you will enjoy:

    Uninterrupted Power

    Since your gentaror turns out automatically, all you have to do is sit back and relax. With the generator supplying power, you will barely be affected.

    Prevent Financial loss

    If workflow stops, you could potentially lose money. But not with your generator at work. In addition, appliances will have power. So you don’t have to worry about any food going bad.

    Stay Comfortable

    No power, means no air conditioning. But your backup generator will keep things cool. Enjoy your computer, TV and any other device you use to carry out your days as you normally would.

    Choosing the Backup Generator That is Right For You

    When selecting a backup generator, finding the right fit is the most important thing to consider. Your AMTEK expert  or the team from home generator repair in Vero Beach will go over the following with you:.

    Generator Capacity

    You will find that generators are put in categories depending on the power they produce. The bigger the generator, the more appliances or devices they can service. However, larger generators cost more to run. When you talk with an AMTEK specialist, we can help you determine your power needs to find the right generator capacity for your property.

    Type of Fuel

    Generators use several types of fuel. Natural gas will burn clean. Supplies of natural gas are unaffected when natural disasters hit. LP (or propane) gas burns clean, and it is safe to store. Diesel gets the best efficiency. So you want to discuss fuel options with your AMTEK expert to determine the best choice for you.

    AMTEK, Generator Installation Company in Sebastian and other areas offer Generic and Honeywell backup generators. We can help you determine the best fit for your property, paying attention to your property’s electrical and plumbing connections. We will discuss the site of the generators, along with any other restrictions your property may face.

    We strive to make your Backup home generator installation in Vero Beach//home generator installation in Fellsmere hassle free.

    AMTEK Generator Repair

    There will be times when your generator sits dormant for long periods of time. So how do you know it is working? You don’t want to wait until the power goes out to figure out it needs repair. You need home generator repair in Fellsmere or any other locations near you including home generator repair in Sebastian.

    AMTEK offers generator maintenance and home generator services in Fellsmere so we can catch needed repairs before it becomes an issue.

    But you also want to look for signs that it is time to call for home generator repair in Indian River Country.


    Luckily, most modern generators will alert you if malfunctions are detected. Make sure to refer to your generator’s manual so you recognize these alerts. If your generator does not have this feature, you can perform manual tests, or contact our home generator services in Indian River County for guidance.

    Startup Delays

    If your generator seems to be starting up more slowly could be a sign service is needed. First, check your fuel levels. If that is not the issue, this could point to a bad battery or a spark plug issue.

    Signs Of Wear and Tear

    If you can see damage to your generator, you need to call your AMTEK, Generator Installation Company in Fellsmere expert. If left unrepaired, it could lead to further issues. Damaged knobs, and wires also need repair, as do any loose connectors.


    While more common in older generators, leaks will affect your generator’s overall performance and are unsafe. Check for puddles around your generator.

    You may even smell gas! Checking for any damage to the hoses. If you smell gas do not operate the generator. Call AMTEK immediately.

    Weak Battery

    Without regular use, batteries lose their charge over time. You can regularly check the voltage. If your battery is over three years ol, or if you notice corrosion around the cables, it is time to replace it.

    Your Generator Experts in Indian River County

    We are your generator installation company in Vero Beach and other areas, with services from install to maintenance to repair and home generator services in Vero Beach.

    And we can help you with financing. We offer up to 5 years or 60 months no financing, no interest.

    You will benefit from our commitment to customer service and our 20 years in this business. We are backed up by an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and Five-Star reviews!
    So contact us today for home generator services in Sebastian or other areas, so we can help back up your power in Vero Beach, Sebastian, and Fellsmere. For installation you can get in touch with us for home generator installation in Sebastian and many different regions.

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