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    Keeping the power on in Fort Pierce and Port St Lucie

    There is nothing that can interrupt the day like a blackout. No connectivity, and no air conditioning means not much will get done. And if it is one of those hot days Florida is famous for, it can be miserable or even dangerous. Not to mention if you have home healthcare equipment that needs power to work.

    You need to prevent this situation all together. But how can you protect your house and family from these nasty surprises?

    With a residential generator, your generator will automatically switch on when the power goes off. So you will barely know there is an issue with the power.

    AMTEK Air Conditioning Inc. is the trusted generator installation company in Saint Lucie for any home generator services in Saint Lucie. Call us for an evaluation so we can find the right generator to keep the power running at your home.

    The Advantages of a Backup Generator

    We all know what happens when the power goes out. We check with our neighbors to see if their power is out, and then we keep checking in with the power company to try to get an estimate for when it will be up again.

    Sometimes we just give up and go find a coffee shop for their wifi and air conditioning!

    Those days will end when you have a generator installed. Your generator will come on automatically, so your power supply is nearly interrupted.

    If you are working from home, you won’t need to stop working either, which can save you time and money. Another money saver? You won’t lose any of the food in your refrigerator.

    Your air conditioner can stay powered, as will any medical equipment needed by your family, which helps to keep them safe.

    The only problem you may have with your new generator is that your neighbors might want to drop by for your wifi and air conditioning!

    How to Pick the Right Generator

    Generators come in many sizes, so it is important to find one that fits your property. Your AMTEK specialist  for an expert from our home generator repair in Fort Pierce can guide you.

    Generator Capacity

    The amount of electricity a generator can produce is called capacity. The higher the capacity, the more devices you can run. But higher capacities also cost more to run. So AMTEK, generator installation company in Port St.Lucie, will work with you to determine what size capacity will work best for you.

    Type of Fuel

    Generators can be fueled by natural gas, diesel or LP (propane) . Natural gas and propane are clean burning fuels while diesel is the most efficient.

    We carry Generic and Honeywell brand generators. Let us talk to you about the benefits of these brands and compare them to your individual needs. Together we can find the perfect fit for your property.


    Call AMTEK for Generator Repairs

    There are times our generator does not get used for long periods. While it is great that you haven’t had to deal with blackouts, you want to make sure to pay attention to signs your generator may need service. You do not want to wait until a power outage to determine that your generator is’t working! Call us for home generator repair in Saint Lucie.

    So look out for these signs:


    Most current generators will alert you if it detects a malfunction. Check with your manufacturer to make sure you are aware of how your systems alerts work. There are manual tests that can be performed on generators without this feature, Your AMTEK generator specialist from home generator repair in Port Luciecan help you with this

    Is Your Generator Starting Up Normally?

    If you feel like your generator sounds different, or seems to be taking longer to start up, you should first check the fuel levels. If that is normal, it could be the battery or a spark plug issue.

    Signs of Damage

    Take a walk around your generator. Do you see any external damage? If you do, have an AMTEK specialist come out to check it out. If there are loose or damaged wires or knobs, it needs to be fixed before it runs again.

    Signs of leaks

    If you see puddles around your generator, it could indicate a leak. Not only will this affect your generator’s performance, it could be unsafe. Call an AMTEK, generator specialist to check it out and even for home generator installation in Fort Pierce.


    Is your battery over three years old? Or, is there corrosion around the cables? These are indicators that you need a new battery. Batteries will lose power over time, especially regular use.

    Call AMTEK for Generator Install and Repair

    Call AMTEK for all of your generator needs including home generator installation in Saint Lucie. Not only is AMTEK the expert generator installation company in Fort Pierce but we are also tops in customer service. We stand by our work, which is reflected in our 5-star rating awarded by our customers.

    We also have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for your home generator services in Fort Pierce/ home generator services in Port Lucie.

    Don’t wait until you are caught in the dark! Call AMTEK to discuss your generator needs or for home generator installation in Fort Pierce Pierce and Port St Lucie.


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