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Power outages often bring your life to a sudden halt, affecting your home’s electronics, cooling, heating, and connectivity. For businesses, blackouts significantly affect operations, reducing productivity while increasing expenses and losses.
Don’t let power outages hold you back. Let Amtek Air Conditioning provide you with honest backup generator installation and repair services for your home or business in Vero Beach, Indian River County, Port St. Lucie, Martin County, St. Lucie County, and Stuart. Call us today.

Benefits of Backup Generators

In the event of a power outage, a backup generator automatically switches on, providing you with electrical power. This allows you to continue enjoying the benefits of having electricity, even during blackouts. Some of these benefits include:

  • Uninterrupted power
    Generators facilitate the quick restoration of electricity during blackouts. This ensures your power remains uninterrupted, leaving you unaffected.
  • Prevents losses
    Businesses can operate normally, preventing losses that would otherwise have been caused by power outages. Also, when home appliances continue receiving the power they require, losses suffered due to food spoilage are avoided.
  • Provides comfort
    Other home appliances such as heaters and AC units can continue to function, providing you and your family with comfort. You can also operate your computer and TV and charge your mobile devices.

Benefits of Backup Generators

Most homeowners often turn to either Kohler or Generac generators. While either of these options could work for you, there are certain factors you should keep in mind to ensure that you install the right generator for your home. These include:

  • Generator capacity
    Backup generators are categorized according to the power capacity they produce. While bigger generators can power more devices, they are more costly. Our specialists will help you determine which generator capacity is right for your home based on your needs.
  • Type of fuel
    Generators are powered by either natural gas, LP gas, or diesel. Natural gas burns cleanly and its supplies are unaffected by natural disasters. LP or propane gas is an excellent fuel option because it also burns cleanly and is safe to store. With diesel as a fuel source, you get high energy content and better efficiency.

We at Amtek Air Conditioning pride ourselves in offering hassle-free generator installation. Our professionals will provide quality services, paying attention to your home’s electrical and plumbing connections, site selection, and any homeowner’s association or building restrictions.

Generator Repair

Because blackouts can occur at any time, ensuring the optimal functioning of your whole house generator is vital. But generators remain dormant when not in use and rarely experience technical issues, making it challenging for you to identify when repairs are needed.
Contacting us for regular maintenance is one way of avoiding unpleasant surprises. Additionally, there are common signs that signify the need for repair services. These include:

  • Alert
    Modern generators automatically perform regular self-tests, alerting you when faults are detected. If your generator lacks this feature, you can still perform manual tests and get in touch with our technicians if you notice any defects.
  • Startup trouble
    Delays in your generator’s startup could point to potential defects. Though sometimes caused by insufficient fuel, a delay might be the result of a spoiled battery or spark plug that needs fixing.
  • Signs of wear and tear
    Sometimes, signs of potential damage are visible. If left unrepaired, the damage on your generator’s exterior could lead to further interior malfunctions. Check for the presence of cracked, missing, or worn knobs, bare or frayed wires, or loose connectors.
  • Check for the presence of leaks
    Leaks are more common in old generators and can spring from anywhere. They affect your generator’s performance and could even pose a safety hazard. Check for puddles of fluid close to your generator.
    If your generator has a fuel leak, you might smell gas. Check the hoses for punctures, cracking, or tearing. Operating a leaking generator is hazardous, and any detected leaks should be immediately resolved.
  • Low-charged battery
    Because generators aren’t used on a daily basis, their batteries can weaken over time. Regularly check the battery’s voltage. You might also notice corrosion around the cables. If your battery is older than three years, it may be best to replace it.

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Whether caused by extreme weather conditions or faulty wiring, blackouts are always a major inconvenience. But with a backup generator, you and your family can live worry-free.
Amtek Air Conditioning is ready to provide you with a 5-star-rated contractor for all your backup generator installation, repair, and replacement needs. Get in touch with us today.

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