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    AMTEK has licensed electrical contractors in Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Tequesta, and Royal Palm Beach

    If you need electrical services in North Palm Beach, we want you to look no further than AMTEK Air Conditioning Inc.

    No matter how small, or how large your electrical project or repair is, our licensed electrical contractor in North Palm Beach County, will do a thorough job to ensure that you get that job done right.

    We know when you call for electrical help, you are concerned about getting the runaround. You worry about being oversold and being surprised with hidden costs.

    But with AMTEK, electrical company in North Palm Beach we promise upfront pricing.

    When our AMTEK licensed electrical contractor in Palm Beach Gardens comes out to get more info about the job you need done, they will go over your options with pricing. There will never be any surprises.

    And in addition, we can help you find financing so those projects that need to be done, can be done now.

    So call AMTEK, electrical company in Jupiter today for all of your electrical needs even to hire an electrical contractor in North Palm Beach.

    You can also look for electrical contractor in West Palm Beach and many other regions.

    AMTEK Offers a Variety of Services!

    Whether you are wondering what it would take to add new outlets, if you have an older electrical system that needs updates or repair, or if you have a new addition that needs power, AMTEK, the electrical company in West Palm Beach/ electrical company in Palm Beach can be your go to for electrical services and to get an electric contractor in North Palm Beach.

    Just a few of the things we can be with:

    Repair and maintenance

    Keeping your electrical system safely working includes swift repairs and regular maintenance by licensed electrical contractor in West Palm Beach or other areas. When an AMTEK electrician or licensed electrical contractor in Jupiter is on the job, they will do all that they can to keep your electricity up and running.

    Installs and Additions

    From outlets to lights, to wiring new additions, we can help you with any new electrical installs by our electrical contractor in Palm Beach or any other locations near you, making sure any new wiring is up to code.

    System Upgrades

    Our AMTEK electricians or electrical contractor in Tequesta can make recommendations for upgrades that will keep your electric system running efficiently. From panel upgrades, to new wiring, let us talk to you about your upgrade options.

    Talk to our licensed electrical contractor in Palm Beach or our available service locations near you about your projects and renovations and we can help you sketch out an electrical plan!

    Considering a Generator?

    If you aren’t considering a generator, why not? It is the best way to keep life as normal during power outages that we are susceptible to with Florida’s extreme weather.

    If the power goes out, a generator automatically takes over. The switch to generator power will be nearly seamless.

    Think of all of the benefits:
    – You won’t have to lose money in food that goes bad in your refrigerator.
    – You won’t lose connectivity if you need to work from home.
    – If anyone in your home uses medical equipment that needs power, the generator will keep these life-saving devices running.
    – Keep the family entertained with the television, which can prevent them from getting more stressed.

    If you are interested in getting more info, contact AMTEK, the  electrical company in Palm Beach Garden for electric services in Jupiter and other areas.. We carry Generac and Honeywell brand generators. We can price out the perfect unit for your property.

    And if you have an existing generator that needs maintenance and repair, our experts can offer electrical services in Jupiter. Moreover, you can also find our experts for  electrical services in West Palm Beach for any major brand.


    Other Extras

    AMTEK, the  electrical company in Tequesta is here to help. We know electrical work can often be an unexpected cost. So we have a few electric services in North Pam Beach that are designed to help take the sting away from this unforeseen expense.

    We offer financing for all jobs. You can finance for up to 5 years, or 60 months, with no interest. Ask your AMTEK specialist or electrical contractor in Jupiter or other regions to go over the numbers with you.

    In addition, we also offer warranties on our work. That means you won’t get stuck paying again in a few weeks. All repairs are guaranteed for one year by our expert from electric services in West Palm Beach or other areas. All maintenance work has a 60 day guarantee.

    AMTEK Electrical Services

    AMTEK has 20 years of experience in the electrical industry and offer the best electric services in Palm Beach Gardens. You can trust our knowledge and experience in  electric services in Royal Palm Beach and various other ranges.

    We pledge that our AMTEK licensed electrical contractor in Royal Palm Beach not only offer fast and reliable services, but they will do it with a smile. We pride ourselves in our friendly staff,

    Our commitment to customer service has earned us an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a 5-star rating awarded to us by our customers.

    And we know we can earn 5-stars from you! So call us when you need an electric contractor in West Palm Beach. You can also find electric contractor in Tequesta, Royal Palm Beach and many more.

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