Fixing air conditioners in Palm City, Jensen Beach, Hobe Sound, Indiantown, and Stuart

Do you know the signs of an AC unit in need of repair? Becoming familiar with the signs that your AC needs service can help you prevent big issues that could interrupt your cooling system from doing what it needs to do to keep you comfortable in this Florida heat.

While regular maintenance is the best way to ward off AC issues, some repairs will be inevitable. Florida HVAC systems work hard, running more often than the national average, and being subjected to the extreme weather in this area. Between hurricanes and flooding, your unit could sustain damage,

When your AC unit needs repair, you want to call a company you can trust. Amtek Air Conditioning Inc. provides the best inspections, maintenance and repairs in Palm City, Jensen Beach, Hobe Sound, Indiantown, and Stuart

The Signs You Need to Know

Preventing issues from getting worse can save you money in repairs, or even save you from needing an AC replacement. When you see any of these signs, call Amtek for guidance:

Temperature increase
A faulty compressor, refrigerant levels or even duct problems can cause an increase in temperature, because your AC system isn’t able to work as efficiently as it should.

Strange noises
Your AC should never make strange noises. So if something sounds different, your AC needs to be checked out.

You Need Professional AC Specialists: Request Immediate Service

If you feel that Florida humidity creeping into your home, your AC is not doing its job. You need help to get it to working efficiently and comfortably again.

An AC unit shouldn’t have any type of distinct odor. If you notice one, you need to turn off your unit until we do a maintenance check.

Many assume leaks near AC units are common, but it is a sign of a malfunction that could be in your drainage system or the A/C’s coils.

Weak airflow
This could indicate issues with the filter or the evaporator coils.
With our free, thorough evaluations, Amtek will get to the root of the cause. We will discuss with you exactly what is happening and list your options, along with recommending the best course of action.

Know When it’s Time for a Replacement

There will come a time when an AC replacement is your only option. And there is also a time an AC replacement may be your more cost effective choice. If your AC system is in need of constant repairs, it may be time to consider a new AC install.

So how do you know when this is a necessary expense?

After our AC professionals inspect your system, we can discuss with you the issues that need to be addressed. We will never pressure you to buy more than you need to keep your cooling system working.

And if you need to choose between a repair and a replacement, we will help you look at the pros and cons of all of your options, so you can have the facts you need to feel confident about your choice.

Amtek is the Air Conditioning Repair Experts

If you believe your AC unit is not working the way it once did, you need a specialist you can trust to figure out why. Knowing who to call will help you keep your house stay cool all year!

With Amtek Air Conditioning Inc., you get the expertise of 20 years in this industry. But you also get our commitment to customer service. We don’t want to be your AC specialist for just this repair, but for all of your future AC needs including maintenance, repair or replacement.

We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and our customer testimonials will show you that we are the name you can trust.

We are even committed to helping you find a finance program that will work for your budget.

Why you should go with AMTEK?

  • Professional

  • Affordable

  • Reliable

We are here to help you!