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    Don’t get left in the dark in Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Tequesta, and Royal Palm Beach

    The dreaded black out. It always happens right after we have stocked the fridge. Or when we are in the middle of creating a big presentation, or when one of the kids has a big paper to write for school.

    But there is a way to still save all of those things, even when the power company has no idea when power will be restored!

    When you have a generator, it takes over when the power goes off. Saving you time, money and frustration.

    If you are interested in learning more about hm generator installation company in North Palm Beach, call AMTEK Air Conditioning Inc. We can talk you through the process and complete any install or repairs you need. We can provide the best  home generator services in North Palm Beach.


    Imagine Life With a Backup Generator

    When your power goes out now, you are likely on the phone contacting the power company, looking for any indication when the power will be restored.

    You might call friends and relatives to see if they have room to store some of your food.

    And your work clothes are all in the dryer, halfway through the cycle. So you wonder if you will have to go in with damp clothes tomorrow.

    Or even worse, you have someone in the house that depends on a breathing machine that needs power. And you stress about how to help them..

    With a generator, none of these things become problems, because the generator automatically provides the solution. So call us for  home generator services in Jupiter. Do not worry if you are living in other areas. We have   home generator services in West Palm Beach and many other regions as well.

    We Will Help You Pick the Right Generator

    Modern technology has created many more options in home generators. With so many options it is important to know what will work for your home.

    What is Capacity?

    Generator capacity refers to the amount of electricity a generator can produce. The larger the capacity, the more items it can power. But the higher capacity also uses more fuel. So you want to talk with your AMTEK specialist about your needs so they can guide you to the right capacity size.

    Type of Fuel

    You can pick a unit that is fueled by natural gas, LP (propane) or diesel. Diesel is the most efficient. But natural gas and propane run cleaner.

    After discussing your preferences we will introduce you to the brands we carry: Generac and Honeywell. AMTEK, the generator installation company in Jupiter and other areas can help you find the perfect fit for your home.

    AMTEK Services All Major Brands

    If you have an existing system that needs home generator repair in North Palm Beach, we can help. Don’t wait until the power is off and it can be a potential emergency. Here are signs you need to call for generator repair from our home generator services in Tequesta.


    If you have a new unit, they are designed to send alerts if there are errors within the system. If your unit is older there are maintenance procedures that can help you find issues that need attention.

    Start Up Issues

    If your generator seems to take more time starting up, that could be a sign of a potential issue. Make sure the fuel levels are normal, and if they are, you should call AMTEK, generator installation company in West Palm Beach and other locations for further guidance.

    Signs of Damage

    Outside damage could indicate inside issues. If you see any loose wires, or broken knobs, they need to be fixed before the unit is run again.


    If you see signs of leaking, such as puddles, it could be unsafe. Call for repair immediately to hire an expert from our home generator services in Palm Beach or other locations near you.


    Batteries need to be replaced after about three years if they are not run regularly. So if things don’t seem to be working right, the battery should be tested.

    AMTEK is Your Source For Home Generator Services

    Don’t risk being caught in the dark! Call AMTEK Air Conditioning Inc , generator installation company in Tequesta /generator installation company in Royal Palm Beach.

    Benefit from our commitment to customer service when we help you with home generator install or repair. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and when you work with AMTEK, the generator installation company in Palm Beach, you will see why!

    Our technicians are reliable and friendly and we stand by our work.

    So if you want to avoid your next power outage, call AMTEK for home generator installation in Jupiter. This service is available in various other regions including home generator installation in West Palm Beach and other areas.


    Our repair services are available in various locations and you can find that below.

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