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    With Commercial Electrical Contractors Available in Fort Pierce and Port St Lucie

    If you own a commercial building in St Lucie Country we know you have a lot riding on your shoulders. So when the power goes out, we know you don’t want to waste time or money trying to find the solution.

    A commercial building has an electrical system that is more complex, so it is important to find a licensed contractor.

    But you also want upfront pricing, along with fast, reliable service to get your building running again, before you lose too much productivity.

    AMTEK Air Conditioning Inc. can offer you all of that. Our commercial electricians have the skills you can depend on to keep your electrical system running safely.

    Our electricians will come out and evaluate the system, and they will keep you informed of what we find.

    They may also suggest upgrades to avoid issues like this in the future. AMTEK electricians stay on top of the latest technology, so there may be more efficient ways to keep your electricity running smoothly.

    Call AMTEK today to keep the lights on in your commercial building!

    We Offer a Variety of Services

    Whatever your issue, if it is part of the electric system, we can handle it. If you need new switches, we can do that! Need a new circuit board? We can do that too. We can even install brand new electrical systems.

    But we can also upgrade and repair your existing system to ensure that your building is up and running, safely!

    We offer regular maintenance, which allows us to catch issues before they cause big problems.

    But more importantly, we will make sure all of the proper permits are pulled for your building’s jobs.

    When you call AMTEK we can handle all of your commercial electric needs.

    Save Yourself Stress with AMTEK Electrical Maintenance

    There is one thing you can do now that will save you money and stress down the road.

    And that is calling AMTEK to have a commercial electrical contractor come out for routine maintenance.

    Our experts will make sure everything is running smoothly, from your power outlets to the surge protectors.

    But our experts will also make sure that your building meets all current codes which are updated, on average, every three years by the National Electric Codes.

    So protect yourself from electrical failures and fines when you have AMTEK out for electrical maintenance.

    A Warranty That Works For You

    We stand behind our work! And that means we will guarantee that we did the job right with our warranty. There is a 60 day warranty on all maintenance, and a one year warranty on repairs.

    Payment Plans

    When you have a budget, we can find a plan. You can finance up to to 5 years or 60 months financing with no interest. So talk to your AMTEK electrician about the best option for the work you need done.

    In An Emergency

    AMTEK is there rain or shine, and 24 hours a day. So if you experience an electrical emergency, we have a phone line that is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are there for you when you have an electrical emergency!

    AMTEK: Committed To Customer Service

    When you call AMTEK, you benefit from our 20 years of experience in this industry.

    But it is not just our knowledge that sets us apart, but our commitment to customer service. That dedication is reflected in our A+ Better Business Bureau rating, and our 5-star rating given to us by our clients.

    Our friendly technicians will always offer upfront pricing that you can trust.

    So don’t trust your commercial building electrical needs to just anyone. Choose AMTEK Air Conditioning Inc. For our expertise and our service.

    We have commercial electrical contractors available in Fort Pierce and Port St Lucie.

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