Signs that Your Air Conditioning Units Need to be Checked

Wondering when it’s time to change air conditioning units? Have no fear! The pros are here to share the top signs that it’s time to replace your HVAC system.

  • You set your thermostat at a temperature that should be comfortable, but you have rooms that are not comfortable. There could be a number of problems: improper duct sealing, insufficient insulation, or inadequate duct size. It does not matter how efficient your HVAC unit is if any of these is the problem.
  • You have problems controlling humidity or dust. Again, leaky ducts could be the problem, but improperly sized air conditioning units might also be the culprit. Changing your air filter monthly can help solve the problem, but even if you don’t have a problem you should make sure to change your filter monthly.
  • Your energy bills are increasing despite constant repairs. As your system ages, it becomes less efficient. As the efficiency of your system decreases, your energy bills increase.
  • Your thermostat is always set to one constant temperature. Consider getting a programmable thermostat. It can be programmed to control the temperature when you are not home or you are asleep. This is better for your system and for your wallet.
  • Your home scores below 5 on the ENERGY STAR Home Energy Yard Stick. Your score is inversely proportional to your energy usage. So, a low score means high energy usage and that you are probably paying more than you should be. You can find the Home Energy Yardstick at