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If your AC unit doesn’t seem to be putting up a good fight against this Florida heat, it may not be the unit that needs repair.

The AC’s compressor and air ducts are vital parts of your cooling system. And if they are in need of repair you may not see it right away, but you will feel it. Your airflow will be uneven or there might even be smells coming out of your vents.

So when you call an AC service to come out and take a look, make sure you call a company with air duct and compressor experience. You need an AC technician that looks at the entire picture to solve your AC issues.

Call Amtek Air Conditioning Inc. Full evaluations are our specialty, and they allow us to make sure to catch any issues that are interfering with your cooling system.

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More About Compressors

The compressor is located in your outside unit. It circulates the refrigerant necessary for heat exchange. So the compressor is responsible for air flow throughout the cooling system. Compressor issue signs may include unusual noises, random puddles, or shorter cycles. If your compressor is having issues, your air flow will be uneven.

How to Know if Your Compressor Needs to be Inspected

Compressors are built to last 10-15 years on average. However, here in Florida, compressors work more than the national average, so they can wear down. If you suspect any signs of a faulty compressor, call Amtek right away for AC compressor repair service. The compressor has many parts, so it can be risky to look at it yourself. Let our AC specialist handle that.

Once our expert has done a full evaluation, they will be able to suggest either an AC compressor repair or AC compressor replacement. We will talk with you about the AC compressor repair costs compared to an AC compressor replacement. So when you decide for AC compressor repair or AC compressor replacement, you are empowered with the facts to make the right choice.

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More About Air Ducting

The AC ducts are the metal tubes that distribute the air to the vents inside of your house. So if your ducting is damaged or blocked, it will interrupt the air flow to certain areas, and your HVAC system will not work as efficiently as it could. So you would probably need an AC duct repair service.


How to Know if your Air Ducts Need to be Serviced

While uneven flow is a common sign your air conditioner ducting needs to be inspected, there are other signs you need to be aware of. If you notice dust of bad odors coming from your vents, that is an indicator that you need an AC duct repair. While air ducts are built to last 10-15 years, dents or damage can happen at any time.

And smells coming from your vent could be a sign that insects or rodents have been caught in your ducts. That is why a full inspection of air conditioner ducting by Amtek is so important. Assessing all of the damage is the only way to know whether to go for an AC duct repair, or if it is better to have an AC duct replacement.

Count on Amtek for all of your air conditioner ducting needs & we will tell you beforehand if you need AC duct replacement or simply an AC duct repair.

Offering Financing for Jobs Big and Small in Parkland, Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Davie

When you call for an inspection, you may not know until our specialist gets a look, what size job you need done. But with our finance options, we can make any job fit a payment plan that works for you.

Ask us about the options we have available for you in Parkland, Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Davie.

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How do you know who to trust when you need compressor repairs? Or duct replacement? Call Amtek to get the right information. Also don’t worry about high AC duct & AC compressor repair costs.

Standing behind our name is 20 years in this industry, and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

We have built a reputation that you can trust & we sustain by providing our best service at fair AC compressor repair costs. Let us help guide you when you need to service your AC compressor or air ducts.

So if you need ductwork and compressors in Parkland, Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Davie, call Amtek & get it done at affordable AC duct & AC compressor repair cost.

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