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A water heater can make a significant difference in your home. Having hot water all year round can make your chores and daily hygiene routines much more enjoyable, especially during winter.
Through our water heater installation and repair services, Amtek Air Conditioning aims to make living conditions as healthy and comfortable as possible. Martin County, Port St. Lucie, Indian River County, Vero Beach, Stuart, and St. Lucie County residents can feel confident in the services we offer.

Water Heater Installation

A properly functioning hot water heater could increase your standard of living. It is essential for you to get the right water heater installed the right way. There are a few things you should take into consideration to help make the installation stress-free. These include:

  • Your needs and living conditions
    What do you mainly intend to use hot water for? How often will it be used? How many people in your home do you expect to use it? Answering these questions gives you a better idea of which water heater to install in your home.
  • Type of water heater to install
    Currently, there are various types of water heaters for you to pick from. Each water heater type has its benefits and setbacks. Tank water heaters, for instance, have a reservoir tank meant to store the heated water. While this makes them great for large households, they require more space.
    On the other hand, tankless heaters need minimal installation space, last longer, and are less costly to operate. One downside, however, is that they are more expensive. Neither are tankless heaters recommended if you intend to run multiple hot water fixtures simultaneously.
    You also have the option of either a gas or electric water heater. Electric water heaters are safer than gas heaters and use energy efficiently. When compared to gas heaters, however, they have slower heating times, high operating costs, and are vulnerable to power outages. While you should always conduct extensive research, your circumstances will also guide you to the right decision.
  • Installation and operation costs
    In terms of initial installation costs, tank heaters are cheaper to buy. Besides the initial installation costs, you should also consider how much it will cost to operate the heater. If saving on energy costs is your priority, then tankless heaters are ideal.
    Water heaters that make use of solar energy are a particularly efficient option. Not only do they lower energy costs, but they also reduce your carbon footprint.

At Amtek Air Conditioning, our specialists are ready to handle your water heater installation, working closely with you to ensure your needs are met. Reach out to us today.

Water Heater Repair

The amount of stress your heater endures from daily use could lead to a failure of its heating or burner element, a broken thermostat, or stuck valve. The pilot light could flicker out in gas heaters, while the circuit breaker in an electric water heater could trip.
Being aware of the signs of a malfunctioning water heater will enable you to resolve them promptly. These are signs that point to your water heater needing repair:

  • Discoloration of water
    If the water coming out of your tap is brownish, it is quite possible that rust and other sediments have gotten into your tank. This could be a potential health hazard. In such cases, we advise reaching out to one of our professionals as soon as possible in order to get your hot water tank cleaned. Discolored water could also be a sign of corrosion, which requires full replacement of your unit.
  • Irregular water temperatures
    Irregular water temperatures could result from a buildup of mineral deposits that impede water heating elements. There are other reasons that could cause your water temperature to fluctuate, and a technician is better positioned to diagnose the exact problem and rectify it.
  • Hearing strange noises in the tank
    It is usual for your heater to make noise. That said, any loud cracking, rumbling, banging, or popping sounds should be cause for concern. Loud noises may be caused by the mixing of hot and cold water due to a broken dip tube.
    Your tank could also have excessive mineral deposits. If left unresolved, excessive noise could weaken your heater’s structure causing it to leak.

While these issues can quickly be resolved with a repair, some situations will call for replacement, depending on your heater’s age and condition.

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