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Imagine your life without a working AC. It would be hard to sleep, hard to focus, and harder to get just about anything done. When you live in the heat of the Florida coast, a working AC just makes life easier.

But unfortunately this state can also be hard on our AC units. Our AC units are used more than the national average. And our unpredictable weather can cause damage with high winds and flooding. This can cause both external and internal damage.

As time goes on, mounting issues can affect your ACs efficiency. It may even stop working. If this happens, it is to consider a new AC install.

This is a big investment that you should not trust to just any air conditioning installation services. At Amtek Air Conditioning Inc. This is our specialty. WIth over 20 years of experience in this industry let our knowledge work for you!

Signs it is time to call Amtek
You may suspect it is time to replace your AC unit, but are trying to put that expense off just a little longer. But that can cost you in other ways. Here are some signs to watch out for when considering whether it is time to call in the exerts:

Constant repairs: Breakdowns may be due to an issue that is easy to fix. But when they start adding up, it may be costing you more time and money than it is worth.

Insufficient cooling: If it seems like your AC just can’t keep your air as cool as it once did, or if your unit runs in longer or more frequent cycles, your unit is not working efficiently. This will impact your electric bill!

Older unit: Your best maintenance efforts may be keeping your AC unit working, and that is great! But technology has created new units that are more efficient and need less maintenance. So if you have an older unit, we advise looking to see if a new AC install can actually save you money.

You Need Professional AC Specialists: Request Immediate Service

HCFC-22: If your unit still uses this type of refrigerant, be aware that it is being phased out. A new advanced refrigerant, R410A, is now the standard and is more efficient.

Musty odors: Humidity affects more than just your comfort! If it gets inside of your AC unit it can rot. In this case, an AC Replacement is your only option.

High energy bills: As you can see from the info above, an older unit, or a unit that is damaged may be costing you more on your utility bills. A new unit is better for your pocket book and the environment.

Now that you know the signs, do you know what your best course of action is? Calling the experts at Amtek will put you on the right track. We will come out and do a full evaluation and give you advice you can trust on whether to repair or replace.

Why Upgrade to a New AC Unit?

While the biggest concern for consumers when considering a new AC unit installation is the cost, saving money is one of the biggest perks of having a new unit.

That is because new units are much more energy efficient. Something that will be reflected on your energy bills.

In addition, your new AC units warranty also has the potential to save you money. If something does go wrong, it is covered!

You can expect your new AC to last up to15 years, which is a longer life expectancy than its predecessors. New models also require a lot less maintenance.

Other benefits include a quieter running unit. Plus, with more colors and sizes available, you can select a unit that blends well with your house and landscaping.

Worry Free Installation With Amtek

If a new AC installation seems overwhelming, choose Amtek as your guide. Our air conditioning installation services will cover all of your needs.

We can even help you with finance plans!

So feel the difference that our expertise and customer service bring you. You will be relaxing in the cool air in no time!

We offer our expert AC installation in Palm City, Jensen Beach, Hobe Sound, Indiantown, and Stuart.

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